Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Start of Roman Era

Roman World-

1. Censors-officials who appointed candidates to the senate and oversaw the moral conduct of all citizens.
2. Legionaries- citizens who made up the major unit of the Roman Army.
3. Forum- central of all government business.
4. Dictator- name of a citizen who is elected absolute ruler.

Roman Expansion-
1. Punic Wars- conflicts between carthage and Rome.
2. Carthage- a powerful city on the north African coast.
3. Roman and Carthage fought 3 Punic wars.
4. Spartacas- a Roman slave that led a revolt- 73 B.C.

The Roman World
1. Pax Romana- "I am a period of peace that lasted for more than 200 yrs.
2. Julis Caesar- " I led my troops across the Rubicon and declared war on the Republic.
3. Lucius Cornelius Sulla- I started and won a civil war with Rome and then ruled as a dictator.
4. Gaius Marius-" I am a Roman general who rewarded my followers with money, land, and war loot."
5. Augustus- " I called myself first citizen and was the first emperor of Rome.

The Roman World
1.  Pax Romana- longest time period of peace the world has ever known
2. Code of Twelve tables- Roman laws, changed to help unify the empire
3. good transportation helped unify the roman empire.
4. Virgil- one of the greates roman poets.
5. Tacitus- great roman historian.

The Roman World
1. The rise of christianity was a gradual spread across the roman empire.
2. The roman governer pontius pilate tried jesus for being and enemy of the state.
3. The council of Nicaea proclaimed the existance of the trinity.
4.The roman emperor proclaimed his support for christianity.
5.The roman empire helped spread christianity into a major religion.

The Roman World
1. Inflation became so severe people stopped using money.
2. In 324 A.D. constantine became sole emperor again.
3. German invaders were a constant threat to constantine.
4. The Huns posed an evergoing threat to the late roman empire.
5. Taxes and the fall in Agriculure explain why the western culture fell.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Greek blog #1

Early greeks and the rise of city states-
1. In the 1900s archeologist found evidence of the minoan civilization in the earliest greek.
2. They painted frescos on wet plaster.
3. Coastal settlements were weekend by tidal waves
4. The Mycenaeans conquered the minoans
5. The Mycenaeans adopted the Minoan writing style called Linear B.

Greek Government and Society-
1. Aristocracy- rule by the beast
2. Homer- blind poet who gathered poetry into epics
3. Tyrant-absolute power and brutality
4. Iliad- legend of the trojan war
5. hoplites-  infantry with long spears

Sparta and Athens-
1. Helots- people spartans conquered that were forced to work for them.
2. All young boys were tought military training
3. Draco- wrote Athens first code of law around 621 B.C.
4. Metics- Lived outside Athens but were free and paid taxes
5. Ephors- officials that made sure the king stayed within the law

Daily life in Athens
1. Athenian women were citizens but could not vote of own property
2. Their main purpose of marrige was to have children
3. Sappho wrote about the lives of women in ancient Greece
4. Sophos means wise
5. Pedagogue- taught male slaves at the age of 7 manners

The Expantion of Greece
1.Pericles- the greatest greek states men
2. Persian war- distructive conflicts that weekend Greece
3. Xerxes- Persian who defeted the spartans in the battle of thermopylae
4. Persain leader who wanted to punish Athens for helping rebels
5. Delian League- an alliance of greek city states

Monday, March 14, 2011



Dear sumerians,
                I hear you are trying to find another river valley to live in.  A good place for you to move to would be the Indus River Valley.  The land is very fertile and it would be a great place for you to farm and has many places for you to fish.  This river valley would be a great move from where you are now.  i hope you find the place you are looking for.

                                                                                                         your travel agent

Thursday, February 3, 2011

post 1. introduction

I am interested in music, robot unicorn attack, wake boarding and I volunteer at the firehouse. I like to roller blade  and ride the quad.  Something that makes me unique is that I can play the didgeridoo. I took Western Civ because Mr. Delrusso told me it would be an awesome class to take.  Ancient civilizations intrigue me because of all the structures they were able to build with the limited resources they had.  In this class I would like to get good grades, learn more about ancient civilizations, and get a new found respect from Mr. Campbell.